The Artist

 LANDSCAPE PAINTER ALAN R. KNIGHT HAS IT IN HIS DNA                                                           as the great grandson of two 19th century British landscape painters: Joseph P. Knight (considered to be the founder of both the Manchester “school” of artists and the artists’ colony in Betws-y-Coed, Wales) and John Dawson Watson, illustrator of one of the very earliest editions of Robinson Crusoe. Great uncle Dawson Dawson-Watson was a key figure in the Giverny, France, artists’ colony, from which American ex-pats brought home this new thing called Impressionism.    

    For his own work, Alan converts his earlier career in agricultural and environmental writing into landscape paintings of special places, exhibiting mostly in galleries and shows conducted by the Cooperstown Art Association, the Spencertown Academy Arts Center, and--more recently--the D. Chatowsky Gallery on Block Island. 

   “A first step in protecting the planet is to appreciate its beautiful places. I paint to foster that appreciation.” 

   He can be reached at

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The Southwest Collection

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The entire Southwest Collection has been donated to Great Old Broads for Wilderness for their fund-raising auction.

 Shiprock 1, New Mexico

Shiprock 2, New Mexico--watercolor

Wildflowers, Fredericksburg, Texas--watercolor and acrylic on paper

 Ancient Tree on the Ridge, southeast Utah

 Sheep herder's shack 1 (based on a photo by and with guidance from instructor Jeanne Hyland)

Sheep herder's shack 2 (based on a photo by and with guidance from instructor Jeanne Hyland)

 Arroyo in late September


 Arroyo in flower

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The Europe Collection

Bonnieux, Provence
watercolor under a clear enamel glaze--9" by 9"

Foggy Morn, Bonnieux
watercolor under clear enamel glaze, 9" by 9"

Dawson Dawson-Watson Painting at Giverny--watercolor
24" by 30"

Taking flowers home, Bonnieux
9" by 12", watercolor and acrylic

Poppies, Giverny--watercolor
8" by 10"

Cycling to Giverny--watercolor
12" by 21"

The Road to Bonnieux

 Bonnieux Vineyard--watercolor
6" by 9"

 Bonnieux (Provence)

  Along the Rhone, Avignon, France

The Bridge at Avignon

 The Old Church, Giverny

 The Old Church, Giverny (2)

  Stopping for a cell phone chat, Giverny

 The Old Church, Giverny (3)

 The Hills Above Giverny

 The Hills Above Giverny (2)

 Jardin d'Helene, Giverny

 Graveyard at the Old Church, Giverny

 Room with a View, Jardin d'Helene. Giverny

 Walking the Old Roman Road from Figuiera, Algarve, Portugal

 The Old  Roman Road to Figuiera, Algarve, Portugal

View of Conway, Wales (copy of work by great grandfather Joseph P. Knight)

The Hayloft, Kandersteg, Switzerland

 Beach at Salema, Portugal

 Village Meets Beach, Salema, Portgual

Village of Salema, Portugal

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The Urban Collection

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Can We Please Play Now?  11 by 23 watercolor on gypsum board

Cafe Le Perche, Hudson, NY.  Watercolor on paper. 9" by 12".

Cafe' Le Perche, Hudson, NY.  Watercolor on paper.  9" by 12".

Morning coffee.  Cafe' Le Perche.  Watercolor on paper.  9" by 12".

Daily bread.  Cafe' Le Perche, Hudson, NY.  Watercolor on paper.  9" by 12."

"Belo Third"--Hudson, NY.   11 x 15

Working late.  Carriage House, Hudson, NY.  Watercolor on gypsum board.  8" by 11".

Talking it over. Carriage House, Hudson, NY.   Watercolor on paper.   18" by 24".

Evans House, Duane Lake.  Watercolor on paper.  9" by 12."

Broadway Lunch, Schenectady, NY 2 --- 7 x 11

The Country Collection

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5:00 a.m., Fisher's Landing, St. Lawrence River
acrylic on canvas,  12" by 16"

Light in the Forest
watercolor, 21" by 17"

Summer Fishing on the Battenkill

Fly-fishing the Battenkill
watercolor, 10" by 14"

The Key to Life is What You Add to It

Waiting for Wyeth
acrylic on canvas

Our Candor Farm

Alan Ostrander's Flock
watercolor, 9" by 12"

Hunting Mr. Featherstonhaugh's fields
watercolor, 9" by 12" 

 Sunset over Mr. Featherstonhaugh's barns #1--watercolor     
9" by 12"

 Copy of N.C. Wyeth's Thoreau in Concord--watercolor
 9" by 12"

Charleston State Forest, NY 2--watercolor

Charleston State Forest, NY  4--watercolor

Waves of Grain, Ulysses, NY 1--watercolor

Waves of Grain, Ulysses, NY  2--watercolor

Mud Season Begins, Duanesburg, NY  1--watercolor

Mud Season Begins, Duanesburg, NY  2--watercolor

 Sunset over Mr. Featherstonhaugh's barns #2--watercolor
        9" by 12"

Featherstonhaugh Farm 2--watercolor

Featherstonhaugh Farm 3--watercolor

October Day, Charleston State Forest, NY--watercolor on gypsum board, glazed with clear enamel
18"by 30" (approx.)

Keeping Watch--watercolor and acrylic
25" by 15" (approx.)

Sunset woodswalk 1.  Watercolor 8.5" by 11"

 North Country Riverbank in Winter--watercolor

 North Country Pond--watercolor